Upper Class Ladies Saddle

Sqidgtech Gel padded saddle

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Add some super comfy ergo grips at half price!

Ergo Clamp-on Grips

Our top flight "town and around" EZee fit clamp-on grips.

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Travel in 1st class luxury comfort with our top flight “town and around” saddle. All inclusive with all of our top saddle features. Extra wide/short shape to better suit the female anatomy.

  • Sqidgtech Gel padding: High performance synthetic foam material with memory capability that disperses pressure points and greatly improves comfort on long rides. Try it !
  • Double Density Base: The saddle base is made using a supportive, stable semi-rigid skeleton fused with a soft flexible krayton material beneath contact points that flexes to reduce pressure on body tissues and so enhances your comfort.
  • O-zone relief area: The base design features an area that is completely open around your body’s more sensitive areas, so avoiding pressure and discomfort.
  • Safety Elastomer Springs: Twin elastomer rear springs separate the saddle top from the harsh shocks and jarring that modern road surfaces can dish out, enhancing rider comfort. Importantly – elastomer springs have no places for little fingers to get caught – unlike the old fashioned coil springs – which can prove to be hazardous to Children’s fingers whilst being transported in Kiddy seats at the rear of the Bicycle.
  • Durable Anti-Scuff Panels: You know how it is, you just leant the bike against the wall for a moment, and that’s it, another saddle wrecked… not any more; Passport Club Class saddles feature tough, durable scuff resistant  material panels that will shrug-off being connected to the roughest of surfaces with ease.



Sqidgtech Gel


240 x 210mm